1 euro coin

The 1-euro coin is a euro coin with a value of one euro. It is made of two alloys: the inner part of cupronickel, the outer part of nickel... Wikipedia

  • Value:  1 euro
  • Mass:  7.5 g
  • Diameter:  23.25 mm
  • Thickness:  2.33 mm
  • Edge:  Alternating segments, three smooth, three finely ribbed
  • Composition:  Outer segment: nickel brass, Inner segment: three layers: copper-nickel, nickel and copper-nickel.
  • Years of minting:  2002–present (from 1999 only for France, Finland, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, from 2001 only for Monaco)
  • Design:  26 variations, see below.
  • Designer:  Various
  • Design date:  Various
  • Design:  Map of Europe with the denomination shown in Latin characters
  • Designer:  Luc Luycx
  • Design date:  2007
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo